Gold Coast Electricians For Residential Lighting, Wiring, And Electrical Maintenance

Impress Elec is the local Gold Coast electricians company you can trust for high quality, professional service. They pride themselves on providing reliable workmanship to the highest standards with guaranteed best results that help them build strong relationships with their clients. Impress Elec promises to provide you with the best electrical services carried out by fully licenced and insured electrical technicians in all areas on the Gold Coast.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service

A highly skilled and qualified team of Gold Coast electricians is always on call and ready to come to your assistance in an emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sometimes we only find out how important our electric services are when they actually fail, which often happens at inconvenient, after-hours times.
At Impress they understand that you want your services restored as soon as possible in an emergency, which is why they have come up with a guaranteed arrival time plan to show their commitment. They will send an SMS with the estimated time of arrival and if the electrician does not arrive on time they will pay you $50.

  • Impress Elec Aims to Impress

The team of expert electricians from Impress Elec are highly regarded for their excellent skills and knowledge as well as the high regard they have for their profession and the respect they have for you and your home. You will find them to be friendly, well-presented, and above all punctual and professional.
Anything electrical should always be dealt with by a qualified electrician from a trusted, licensed electrical contractor. Not only will the job be done safely and correctly, but they can also offer you expert advice on energy-saving strategies that could save you money on future power bills and how to maintain a safer home. You will also appreciate the professional attention to detail that makes a huge difference such as switches that are straight and light fittings installed in exactly the right position.

  • Quality Products

Impress Elec uses quality, Australian made products that have been field-tested to withstand the tough Australian climate. Better quality products may seem more costly at the outset but will save more in the long run on maintenance and replacement parts. From small electrical jobs and repairs to big renovations, installations, and maintenance, Gold Coast Electricians pride themselves on using only the best products to ensure reliability, durability, and complete customer satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive Electrical Services

A highly qualified and experienced team of electrical technicians guarantees that Impress Elec is a premier provider of a wide range of residential electrical services in all areas of the Gold Coast. Some of the services they offer include:

– General electrical services such as installations, repairs, wiring, maintenance, and updating of switchboards.
– Renovation electric services for home improvements. Through planning, innovation, and the use of high-quality systems, Impress Elec is able to provide the highest level of electrical services for home improvement projects.
– New Home Electrical Installations that include electrical design recommendations, quality installations, cooling and heating systems, and simple to intricate light fixture installations.
– Security lighting solutions and installations to provide a high level of safety for your property.
– Smoke alarms to comply with the new laws introduced in January 2017 in Queensland. Gold Coast electricians are able to create integrated smoke alarm systems to ensure a safer home environment for you and your family.

Contact Impress Elec to find out how they can provide you with the ideal solutions to any electrical requirement you may have.